Apple announced at BETT 2001, which opened yesterday at Olympia, that a UK update to the Apple Learning Series was "imminent".

Designed for teachers, ALS is an integrated suite of software applications and curriculum content. Paul Scott, Apple's regional education manager, said: "The UK is the first country in Europe to have Apple Learning Solutions launched into their education market.

"The individual packages are in transition, evolving and changing all the time, we can expect an update within the next month. Apple is growing in the UK education market from infant, to primary, through to higher and further education. "

Apple had a high profile throughout the technology and education show. Apple streamed the opening speech given by Michael Willis MP, Parliamentary under-secretary of state for learning and technology, on the Web using Quick Time 4.0. The speech is available from Apple's Web site.

Apple's product showcase area featured the company's latest software and its hardware solutions. Punters saw demonstrations of the Apple Learning Series, QuickTime, iMovie 2, AirPort and Mac OS X.

Apple was also involved in setting up BETTnet, the official Intranet for BETT 2001, with Cisco Systems, BESA and Illumina.