Apple won three awards at the BETT Awards 2001 held at the Hilton Hotel last night – taking the EInnovation Award, for the most innovative product of the year, and the EBest ICT Hardware for Secondary Schools for their iBook and Airport products.

The third award - the Best Judges Award - was presented to the best overall winner at the show.

There were over 400 nominations for pioneering creations in the IT industry, for which 15 awards were presented to companies recognizing their commitment to enhancing UK education.

Other winners included Tag Learning who won EBest ICT Hardware in Primary Schools‚ for their Intel Play QX3 Computer Microscope, and EBest Special Educational Needs in Hardware‚ for their [email protected] 3.0 and JamStudio.

Multimedia SEMERC were also presented with two Awards - EBest Interactive Multimedia Content‚ and EBest Special Needs in Software‚ for their Out and About creation.

Andy Wilkinson, director of EMAP Education, said: "Yet again, the BETT awards saw the demonstration of innovation in the provision of materials for schools. It is heartening to see such inspirational technology being developed with such commitment and enthusiasm. It clearly demonstrates that the ICT industry is continuing to broaden and develop its products with a view to improving the education process for youngsters further still.

"It was a real privilege to be involved
in an awards process that has become a benchmark of quality in education."