Channel Storm debuts its Live Channel 1.3 live broadcasting software at Macworld Expo San Francisco and the annual IT-in-education BETT show today.

Live Channel 1.3 will be previewed at Macworld San Francisco. However, it will also be available to UK punters at education show BETT, and will be showcased on Apple's main stand. The software will also be used to broadcast content created by pupils at BETT.

Live Channel creates a virtual live television studio on any Mac without any additional hardware. All production and broadcasting steps are contained in one software application. Live Channel is based on the proprietary Live Render technology which allows video switching, compositing and professional transitions, all performed with real-time anti-aliasing on the multiple live-video and audio sources, recorded clips, still images, logos, graphics and text that Live Channel supports.

A free time-limited version of Live Channel is offered online. Other features of the app include Live Presenter. This synchronizes media presentations with live broadcasts. Its recording feature records live broadcasts and synchronized media simultaneously. Live Channel provides QuickTime 5 and Mac OS 9.2 support. There are plans to release a Mac OS X version of the software in the future.

AT Computers distribute the software. There is discounted pricing of £379 for education customers - the software normally retails for £749 (prices exclude VAT).