A series of daily music concerts by "big names" is promised at Macworld Expo, New York.

The shows organizers are introducing a new music and audio special-interest area, with a series of one-hour gigs by known musical groups. The area will showcase the latest products and tools for music and audio production, processing, mastering, CD authoring and MP3 publishing.

Mac music Rob Scheschareg, vice president of IDG World Expo, said: "With a rapidly increasing number of professional and amateur musicians creating music with their Macs, we felt it was necessary to dedicate a special area to their specific needs, and the in-show concerts offer attendees the opportunity to be entertained as well as informed about the musical capabilities of the Mac."

The names of the bands appearing will not be disclosed until the show. The events will take place at noon.

The music area will also include Beginners Guide to Music on the Mac, MIDI Demystified, Getting Started with MP3 and Software Synthesis on the Mac sessions.

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