It's not all fun, games and faded careers inside the Celebrity Big Brother house - the contestants all share a soft spot for Apple products, too.

Macworld has learned that today's midday moment of chat revolved around Apple, with the house mates spending almost ten minutes talking about the computer company, with all sides agreeing at what a "fantastic" brand the company has.

Matching public perception of the company these days, the conversation frequently focused on iPods, with contestants laughing about the many available designer iPod covers from big name couture houses, and sharing their thoughts on all the iPod ads in the national press.

Apple's Regent Street store also cropped up. Faria Alam wasn't aware that the shop existed, a gap in her knowledge quickly filled by other excited celebs.

The events Apple hosts inside its shop seem to have attracted at least two of the now household names - Preston and Rula Lenska talked about the events there, including the seminar sessions, and engaged in an excited chat about Apple's "Live From London" gigs.

It's a shame the contestants missed Apple's new product announcements last week, as there's no doubt they'd get a kick surfing the Internet on an Intel-powered iMac.