Apple's one-to-one US education initiaives continue to make news in Henrico county and Cobb county.

Apple's deal with Henrico county ends in June 2006. Originally a $24.2 million contract, the 23,000 iBook deal was revolutionary in its time - the biggest such deal ever made between a computer manufacturer and a school district.

Henrico County has now revealed it will sell off 1,000 used iBooks in a one-day sale on August 9. They will be available directly and will cost $50 each.

Cobb county deal falling apART

Apple's deal with Cobb county now looks likely to end up going before a Grand Jury trial.

The county's district attorney has been asked to determine whether the bidding process was rigged to make sure that Apple became the favored supplier.

Following tense negotiation, Apple was selected to deliver 63,000 iBooks to schools in Cobb county.

A local report implies that the school board engaged in the plan without securing the necessary support from the region's voters.