Iconic UK singer-songwriter, Billy Bragg, has removed all his music from MySpace in protest against the terms and conditions of use of the site.

He's angry that these conditions claim that once an artist makes any content - including original songs - available through the hugely popular service, the ownership passes to MySpace.

"They can do what they want with it," Bragg's MySpace webpage now complains. "The real problem is the that they can sub-license the content to any company they want and keep the royalties themselves without paying the artist a penny," his representative Sarah writes.

Bragg's team is urging other artists and fans to act against this particular clause but concede that MySpace has a great deal to offer: "The amazing thing about My Space is how fast we can all communicate so if we all do our bit we should be able to change this," the page explains.

Meanwhile, some changes are required: "We are hoping to start a small revolution (in true Bragg style) to try and put a stop to this. You can do your bit by posting out a bulletin to all your friends, especially artists, and badgering Tom [a MySpace-dweller who works for the service and acts as a public point of contact for users] with emails letting him know how unfair this clause is (not least because you can't hear Billy on here anymore)."

Bragg wants to see the MySpace terms and conditions changed so they stipulate that user-generated content can only be used "for non-commercial use".

"The clause is basically far too open for abuse and I'm very wary," his MySpace site warns.