Mac gamers looking for the newest demos have a new source,

This site distributes legitimate game demos using a variant of the popular BitTorrent. This is a protocol designed for transferring files. It is peer-to-peer in nature, as users connect to each other directly to send and receive portions of the file. However, MacGameSeed acts as a central server which coordinates the action of all peers and keeps a copy of each file to seed them.

Because it's based on peer-to-peer file distribution, the company claims, "unlike other distribution system, the most popular files get even higher download rates".

MacGameSeed co-founder Camille Thouvenin said: "After five years spent working on European Mac gaming sites and two years in the Mac gaming industry, I felt it was time for me to give some of my free time and help Mac gamers from all around the world. When used for legal purposes BitTorrent is a stunning technology.”

The site is open now, no identification or registration is required.