Sony is in talks with Apple and Microsoft on a mission to provide Blu-ray drives for computers and console games.

The move follows the de facto end of the format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, and suggests new Macs with Blu-ray support could appear this year.

It's a moot point still as to how relevant the technology is, when high definition films can now be procured online, but in the professional markets at least there's still going to be a need for a physical system for high-def video.

According to the Financial TImes, Sony US president Stan Glasgow, confirmed talks with Apple and Microsoft. These talks would see Blu-ray deployed within the Xbox 360, while also seeing Macs with support for the standard appear.

Glasgow dismissed the threat of electronic downloads of high-def content, admitting this will build over time, but warning it will take "a period of years," citing bandwidth limitations.

The Sony executive expects Blu-ray drive prices to to fall to $299 or less by the end of the year, as demand builds.