Telewest Broadband launches its 1MB Blueyonder cable Internet service for residential customers today.

The launch follows the company’s successful Scottish trial of the service – 1,500 Scottish customers tested the service for the company.

The 1MB service is nearly 20 times faster than 56K modem-based services, and “easily outperforms” BT’s residential ADSL solution, the company claims. BT charges £29.99 per month for its 512kbps residential ADSL service, plus an additional £250 for installation. Read Macworld editor Simon Jary’s comprehensive how-to guide to ADSL.

Costs The service costs £35 per month when taken with other Telewest Broadband services, or £39.99 on its own. That’s £10 more than Telewest’s standard 512kbps Blueyonder service. The service offers 1,024kbps downstream (from the server) and upstream speeds of 256kbps (to the server). It also has a dedicated freephone technical support number.

Existing customers using Telewest’s 512kbps service can upgrade to the 1MB service online. New customers should call 0800 953 0730, or visit Blueyonder’s Web site. New customers must also pay a £50 installation fee.

Telewest’s sales and marketing director, David Hobday, said: “BT has previously questioned consumers’ interest in going faster, but it’s their only response when they can’t get out of first-gear themselves. Our standard 512kbs Blueyonder service now has over 169,000 customers, and will continue to be our most popular broadband choice. But, with 1Mb, we’ve also got one foot on the accelerator.”