Apple and AMD are making great leaps in computing with their 64-bit chips, according to an expert in 64-bit computing.

According to a report in the Detroit Free Press: "Specialized computers used largely in the corporate and scientific worlds have long boasted data-processing capabilities desktop machines can't match. Now that's about to change, some experts say, because of readily available processors from Advanced Micro Devices and IBM, the supplier for Apple Computer's new Power Mac G5 machines."

FireVue Security Systems research fellow Ralph Jenson explained the need for 64-bit computing: "We seem to keep filling up our machines with more and more activities, and the newest activities are more and more processor-intensive."

The report concludes: "If a 64-bit wave does ascend in a year or so, those with Mac G5s or Athlon 64 systems would be in a potentially enviable position with systems uniquely equipped to ride that crest."