A total of 63 devices were successfully networked using FireWire at the 1394 Trade Association's quarterly Compliance and Interoperability Workshop in Taipei this week.

Participants connected a total of 63 nodes over the 1394 bus, linking Mac and Windows-based PCs, MP3 players, external hard drives, notebook PCs, a video camera, a printer, and other devices.

Among the connections were new 1394b devices capable of running at 800Mbps. Real-time DV video was displayed over the network using a camcorder.

Max Bassler, vice chairman of the 1394 Trade Association, said: "Leading technology innovators from throughout the industry brought a random sample of products, some based on 1394a, and a new 1394b device. We plugged them into the 1394 network, one after the other, and they performed as intended. Then, we added streaming live, high-quality video over the bus, and all the connected products continued to operate."

The event's organisers hailed it the most successful yet. The Trade Association has completed more than a dozen interoperability workshops in two years, using a full set of test suites designed to ensure FireWire-equipped computer, and industrial products work together.

Dave Thompson of Agere Systems, chairman of the group's compliance and interoperability work group, said: "It takes significant cooperation among many companies, competitors and co-workers alike. The benefit for the consumer is clear, robust operation with any kind of 1394 peripheral, in virtually any kind of environment."

The 1394 Trade Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to the advancement of the IEEE 1394 standard.