The International English version of ColorSync 3.0.1 remains unavailable today, and Apple sources remain secretive as to when a stable, installable version of its colour-management software will appear. Meanwhile, many foreign-language versions have already shipped.

Mac owners running International English are confused. From the announcement of the update, to its first appearance on June 5, its disappearance on June 7, reappearance on June 8 and subsequent re-disappearance, the saga continues.

English suffers Worldwide support for ColorSync 3.0.1 is strong, though, with updaters already available for North-American English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and even Japanese language versions of the Mac OS.

However, British, South African, Australian, and Kiwi Mac users are still waiting for the update, accompanied by Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Chinese Mac operators, who also lack a local language ColorSync update.

Ironically, Apple scrapped many aspects of the UK Mac OS last year - in order to make International-English updates a lot faster.

Apple warns Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, etc Reader reports indicate that the North-American installation of the upgrade may work with foreign language Mac OSs, though Apple UK sources warn that this solution may cause system "degradation", and could open the gates to "serious system damage" in the future.

Apple tends to release local language updates within four weeks of the release of the North-American English versions. The clock is ticking, however, as the US version appeared on May 11.

When International-English ColorSync 3.0.1 does appear, it will include new versions of the ColorSync control panel, the ColorSync Extension, the Default Calibrator, Profile First Aid and the ColorSync profiles.