Miglia Technology has announced the Alchemy ATA100 PCI card for PCI-based Macs.

The card employs the ATA 100 connectivity standard and guarantees 100MBps bandwidth on each of the cards two channels.

The Alchemy ATA100 PCI (IDE) card will connect up to four hard drives, CD-ROMs or other drives to the Mac.

It's compatible with PCI PowerMacs models between 4400 and 9600, including clones. It also works with beige and blue-&-white Power Mac G3s as well as G4s.

For older Macs the available bandwidth is 1,000 per cent faster than that supported by the built-in SCSI-2 interface. On a G3 Power Macintosh the bandwidth gain is either 300 or 625 per cent, depending on the number of channels used.

It's possible to boot on a hard drive attached to the Alchemy card, so users can employ a relatively affordable IDE drive if they want to upgrade to Mac OS X, suggests Miglia. The card is compatible with Mac OS 8.6 or later, including Mac OS X. No drivers are required, as the card is recognized natively by the operating system.

The card costs £111.