IDG Expo officials are later today meeting with Boston Convention and Exhibition Center officials to discuss switching the summer Macworld Expo from New York.

A report in the Boston Globe reveals that officials are “hopeful” of bringing the Expo back to the city in 2004. It was last held in the city in 1998, and ran there for 13 years. The show moved to New York because of a need for more space.

If Boston wins back the Expo, it would be staged at the as-yet unfinished Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. IDG World Expo CEO Charlie Greco told the Boston Globe: "Right now I'm sitting on an offer from the Javits Center and the City of New York."

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center officials are expected to deliver its counter-offer during today's meeting. Boston's Mayor has already offered a number of concessions, including use of Boston's library and free advertising-hoarding space.

However, IDG World Expo "does not anticipate" being in a position to make a decision on the matter today", a source told Macworld.