Boston's attempt to woo Macworld Expo back to the city may have hit a snag, reports The Boston Globe.

The newspaper reports that the city's lack of available hotel space may hinder the show's return, despite the building of a new and larger exhibition hall, which is scheduled to open in 2004. Plans for new hotels are underway, but the space will not be available before 2004.

The show ran in Boston until 1998, after which it moved to New York. The move was made because of lack of available accommodation. In recent weeks, show organizer IDG World Expo has been meeting with representative parties from both New York and Boston as it tries to get a better deal for the running costs of the event.

IDG World Expo president Charlie Greco told The Boston Globe: “The move may not occur, due to the lack of available hotel space.”

The report indicates that attempts to fix a deal continue: Greco is even considering hiring cruise ships to accommodate attendees, if necessary. The deadline for a deal to keep the show in New York has been extended to Monday.