Yet another major academic installation of an Xserve-based supercomputer has been revealed this morning - this time at Bowie State University.

The institution's Center for Learning and Technology has built a $1 million supercomputer in cooperation with Apple. Dubbed, "Xseed", the supercomputer cluster comprises 224 nodes, based on the Xserve G5 (running Mac OS X Server).

Each 2GHz G5 Xserve is interconnected with a Myrinet 4 Gb/s switch.

"The combination of this cutting-edge technology places Xseed among the world's top 100 most powerful supercomputers on the TOP500 list", Bowie State revealed, adding, "the supercomputing cluster will enable high-end graphics, animation, and complex computational problems among other capabilities."

Bowie State plans to earn money on the cluster by selling cycle time. Unoversity president Dr. Calvin Lowe said: "Bowie State University is a place that has outstanding resources and the desire is to give our faculty the resources they need which will allow them to be in the forefront."

"This is such an exciting opportunity," says Dr. Diane Krichmar, special assistant to the president and administrative lead for the project. "What's really amazing is that a school our size would engage in something like this in order to create this sense of excitement."

The cluster was built by Bowie State computer technology and computer science students under the direction of professor Mark Matties and Apple engineers. "We not only conceived of it, but did it," says professor Matties who serves as the technical lead for the supercomputer.

Students and faculty joined forces to put the installation together, Matties said, "This was a very labour-intensive project, and there was no way we could have done it without our students."