New BPI figures reveal that older music fans are becoming increasingly influential on success in the UK charts - and predicts a new wave of silver surfer song downloaders in 2006.

This older over 50's demographic group is already responsible for 24 per cent of all albums purchased in the UK in 2004, the report adds.

The report, carried out in conjunction with Age Concern, found that: 59 per cent of over 50s had bought an album in the previous three months and 20 per cent buy six or more CDs a year, with two thirds buying at least one a year.
The report also reveals that 23 per cent of older music fans plan to buy an iPod or other digital music player in future, though only 4 per cent of the over 50's currently own one.

Music is considered "an important part of loife" by 59 per cent of those surveyed, with 68 per cent listening to music in the background while doing other things and one third listening to CDs, tapes or records each day.
Classical music was the most popular genre, with easy listening and country close behind, but reflecting fifty years of popular music 64 per cent of the survey group said they also like rock music and 45 per cent of them said they listen to Radio 2 each day.