International action by music industry groups, the BPI and IFPI, has led to the removal of 50,000 tracks being offered for sale through Jetgroove.

The site had claimed it would pay royalties to copyright holders based on sale, but had not arranged clearance to trade in these tracks with copyright holders.

While Jetgroove was based in Moscow, its DNS and streaming servers were hosted in the US. The site removed the 50,000 contentious tracks on receiving notice from the industry groups.

BPI Director of Anti-Piracy David Martin said: "Whether it's individuals illegally uploading files to peer-to-peer networks or companies seeking to make money out of our members' copyrights without permission, the BPI's anti-piracy unit is here to protect our members' rights."

Although none of the current remaining tracks and albums are believed to be infringing members' copyrights, the BPI and IFPI will continue to monitor the site.