Macintosh Web users are better educated and earn higher wages then their PC counterparts, a Nielsen/NetRatings report claims.

Mac people are also more Web savvy, the report says. More than half of Macintosh users have been online for five years, are more likely to buy a Web page, and are also more likely to purchase online goods than PC users.

NetRatings director and principal analyst TS Kelly said that his company decided to publish the study after noticing the differences between the demographics of Mac owners compared with overall PC owners.

Apple is one of Kelly's clients, but he said Apple did not commission the study, nor was it made aware of the results prior to the report's publication.

Kelly explained that the greater affluence and education level of those who browse with a Macintosh is due to the company's pricey machines, their perception as a status symbol, and their popularity in the publishing and design industries.