Briton's might work the longest hours in Europe, but it seems that time in the office isn't just spent working.

According to research from Microsoft Hardware, Brits are spending five hours a week on non-work related activities when they should be working.

One in five people have been caught by their boss while indulging in extracurricular activities such as: planning their next holiday; shopping online; updating their CV or looking for a dream job; emailing friends and family; flirting with office colleagues and visiting online dating sites.

Microsoft is suggesting that workers can work more productively with its Tilt Wheel mouse, "whizzing through long documents and speeding across huge spreadsheets in a matter of seconds".

According to Microsoft use of the mouse will free up "me time" so that workers can leave work on time and enjoy the delights of the Internet from the comfort of their home, rather than risk the wrath of the boss.