Cardiff is the most connected place in the UK – with 40 per cent of homes having broadband access to the Web. However, the Welsh parlimentary constituency of Meirionnydd Nant Conwy is the bottom of the league, with just 2 per cent of households having broadband.

Researchers at Point Topic have noted that the figures reveal the way that technology is accentuating differences between rich and poor, according to the BBC.

Point Topic founder Tim Johnson said: "Areas with the highest proportion of households with broadband tend to be in dense, middle-class suburbs, especially those where both cable and DSL is available."

Johnson claims the significance of the results is not just that they expose broad national differences in broadband take-up. He says: "They also suggest that the net is accentuating broader socio-economic differences.'

He added that the figures showed a significant digital divide in the UK. "We came out of this realising that it's not about the geographical divide, which is a solvable problem, it's the social divide that's important." he said.