European telly addicts are turning to the Net as an alternative source of entertainment – thanks to broadband.

Research from Strategy Analytics suggests 56 per cent of Europeans have cut down their TV viewing since they got broadband.

David Mercer, principal analyst at Strategy Analytics, doesn't believe TV will be replaced by the Internet, but expects the impact to be dramatic.

He told ElectricNews.Net: "TV companies have to pay heed to the Internet – they clearly have to look at the Web as a way to reach their audience.

"Putting TV content on the Web is probably not the best way go about things. A better strategy would be to develop new on-line content that people can interact with."

The Broadcasters Beware: Broadband Is Stealing Your Viewers report adds: "In other media, such as radio and newspapers, firms have been able to handle falling listener and reader numbers by shifting to the Internet and offering interactive content and services.

"The 'triple play' of telephony, Internet and video from one provider will become more and more important."