Infamus Software has released WebXTractor, a utility that can view and save images and movies held in a browser's cache.

Browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator save copies of downloaded information in a cache file. The cache helps speed the download time for regularly visited pages.

WebXTractor searches cache files, extracting images, movies and text files. It can save them to disc, even if the Mac lacks the software to open them, if files are locked, or if the video is streamed.

The software has two tools - CacheXTractor - which searches and extracts files from the cache - and SiteXTractor, which searches Web pages for file links.

SiteXTractor can seek and save files not normally easy to save – such as background music, MP3s or QuickTime movies. It can even search the cache for usually unsaveable files – for example a QuickTime movie offering a Click Here to Play splash screen.

The CacheXtractor utility supports Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher (5.0 included), iCab, and AOL cache systems. WebXTractor is a shareware application ($17.95), a ten-day time-limited demo is available.