We all know that, even rammed with memory, sometimes our Macs shout surrender when too many programs are running. Photoshop, XPress, Word, Excel, and Quake III (for when the boss isn’t looking) are all demanding applications. Unstuff a file, take a look at a Read Me, and eventually something’s got to give.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are two big RAM bleeders, so turning off your Web browser is a good start in trying to rescue the situation. Unfortunately, that means you’re going to lose instant access to the latest cricket scores and share prices while you radial fill and shoot ‘em up.

We can’t do anything about the cricket (can anyone?) or the share prices (Sell! Sell!), but we can ensure you’re always near the latest Mac-related information. In conjunction with Quark, Macworld now offers the opportunity to check news headlines straight from QuarkXPress 4.1 and later.

Link up XPress 4.1’s QuarkLink feature, keeping you connected with XPress tips and free online technical support, now also offers users a selection of Macworld Online Daily News headlines.

Check your QuarkLink preferences, and go to Show Headlines under XPress’s View menu – and, after a short download, there’s a list of up to ten Mac news headlines and brief summaries. Click on the Macworld Online link if you want to read the full story. Although that means risking memory with a browser again, Macworld and Quark’s Headlines service keeps your RAM use lean and keen.

QuarkXPress 4.1 and 4.1.1 updaters are on Macworld’s cover-mounted CD. July’s CD should also contain a full demo of QuarkXPress 4.1 for Macworld readers to sample the power of the market-leading page-layout program.