Apple's music products have won yet another celebrity endorsement - this time from action movie star and musician, Bruce Willis.

He likes the products so much he has even dedicated space to them on his personal website, where he writes: "iTunes has reenergized the singles market, iPod has revolutionized how you can enjoy music and I for one am a convert."

As a musician and movie maker he's hungry for new input, and is a big fan of the Internet, "the Internet has turned me on to amazing music that I might otherwise have never heard of," he writes.

He likes to load his iPod (he implies he has multiple iPods) with songs, connect the device to his car's cassette recorder using a cassette adaptor, and drive. Even when he's making a film he keeps Apple's music player nearby: "Whether on the set or in the car an iPod is always near", he writes.

Because Willis makes his living out of creative things, like acting or making music, he has a stern message for music lovers: "If I dig the music and the artist based on a few good tracks, I will absolutely go out and buy the catalogue. These people make their living through their music and deserve our support."