Corel has announced its schedule for the development of the graphics applications it purchased from MetaCreations.

Meredith Dundas, a Corel representative, told Macworld that an update to Bryce - version 4.1 - would be available in the next week. Painter 6.1 is scheduled for release shortly after that, she claimed.

OS X ready Dundas also announced that Corel is working hard at making its applications Mac OS X native. She said: "CorelDraw 10 Graphics Suite for Macintosh will be OS X native and available in early 2001." She continued, "Bryce 5 and Painter 7 will also be OS X native, and will ship early next year when Mac OS X ships."

On Corel’s decision to abandon development of WordPerfect for the Macintosh, she said: "We are focusing all our Macintosh efforts on our professional graphics products.

Mac commitment "Corel is moving forward quickly on the Mac platform. We have dedicated ourselves to Mac professionals with the acquisition of the former MetaCreations products. We plan to show our customers that our commitment to the Mac is very strong."

Michael Cowpland, Corel’s founder and CEO resigned his position last week, causing many observers to question the long-term future of the increasingly Linux-based company.

Corel continues to report financial problems, and has engaged in major lay-offs and restructuring in an attempt to stave off financial failure.

Corel recently announced OEM deals with Hewlett-Packard and Wacom, to bundle selected Corel graphics applications with products from the companies.