BT has launched a mobile TV service that will include live broadcasts of TV content from BBC One, ITV1 and E4. Channel 4 content will also be available, but only part of the schedule.

The television content will be broadcast over the DAB digital radio network, rather than requiring 3G phone technologies. 50 DAB digital radio stations will also be offered, reports the BBC.

BT Movio, will also broadcast DAB digital radio, offer ‘red-button’ interactivity and features an exclusive seven-day electronic programme guide.

The new Virgin Mobile TV device will be supported with an advertising campaign starring Pamela Anderson and commencing on October 9.

BT Movio will initially be available through Virgin Mobile from 1 October on the Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV phone.

Customers pay £25 per month to get the phone and TV service for free.

Alan Gow, managing director of Virgin Mobile, said: "The launch of Virgin Mobile’s 'Tellyphone' is a real watershed, both in terms of mobile devices and the evolution of broadcasting. Virgin Mobile finally delivers what others have been promising for so long - real TV broadcast to your mobile, delivering the programmes you want to watch, when you want to watch them, in a simple and easy-to-use experience. We are hugely proud of the Virgin Mobile TV service and I think it could revolutionise how, when and where people choose to watch TV."

ITV1 broadcasts live to mobiles via the 3 network.