BT plans to launch its digital mobile TV service this summer, although no agreements have been reached with mobile operators to carry the service.

BT will offer its BT Movio service on a wholesale basis to carriers, said Gemma Thomas, BT press officer. BT is talking with handset manufacturers to provide phones that can use the DAB-IP (digital audio broadcast internet protocol) network, she said.

A four-month trial conducted with Virgin showed demand for digital mobile TV, BT claimed. Consumers said they are willing to pay around £8 a month for Movio. Mobile operators who carry the service will set their own pricing, Thomas said.

BT, along with Virgin, broadcast digital TV and radio signals to 1,000 users with DAB-enabled phones in the London metropolitan area. Initially, they were able to receive Sky News, Sky Sports and Blaze, a music and entertainment channel commissioned by BT, Thomas said. ITV, E4 and the Cartoon Network were added later, she said. Around 50 radio stations were offered.

BT said 73 per cent of participants said they would pay for the service if it was priced competitively. The trial showed that users tuned into either TV or radio on a weekly basis or more, watching TV for more than one hour a week, BT said. Users listened to digital radio for more than 90 minutes weekly, BT said.