BT has launched its Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) openworld broadband service for the Mac.

ADSL is a multi-user business solution, offering always-on, high-speed broadband Internet access, at speeds up to ten times faster than conventional modem dial-up connections. It supports up to four Mac computers, linked via an ethernet connection, and ten email addresses. The service costs £99 per month with a £260 installation fee.

Btopenworld has also launched a range of business services, including TV news over broadband, and the Application Station service. The Application Station offers pay-as-you-go access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office and training packages delivered directly over the fast Internet connection. BT has also announced agreements with content providers, such as ZDNetUK and Mapquest to provide a range of business content to its business users.

Btopenworld told Macworld that the single-user, USB ADSL solution for domestic users would launch in late summer. Access to BT’s service requires a 601 or better processor. BT also announced that over 100,000 pre-orders have been made for its service, confounding industry critics who have been perplexed at BT’s announcement that the launch of the service had been delayed because BT did not have sufficient beta testers to complete the testing process.