BT has launched the Internet Green X Code to encourage children to stay safe on the Internet.

The code asks children to Stop, Think and Stay Safe and is endorsed by the Home Office and the Children's Charities Coalition on Internet Safety (CHIS).

Managing director BT Openworld Duncan Ingram said: "Just as Stop, Look and Listen taught kids how to cross the road, Stop, Think, Stay Safe will help kids stay safe on the Internet. We're advising kids not to give out any personal details over the net or talk openly about what they do.

"The Internet's a great technology for entertainment and education but there are dangers that people need to know about. ISPs and charities all need to work with parents to protect our children. Internet Green X Code demonstrates our commitment to educating everyone so that the internet can be a safe and enjoyable experience," he added.

Home Office minister Paul Goggins, chair of the task force on child protection on the Internet, said: "The internet is informative and fun and we want children and young people to enjoy using it. However, we are aware of the potential for paedophiles to abuse the trust that children place in them by attempting to groom them through chat rooms.

"It is important to make children aware that people are not always who they say they are on the internet and I would encourage parents to use this very good leaflet to talk to their children and give them practical advice on how to keep safe," he continued.

The code will be distributed by schools and charities to parents, teachers and children, and is also available online at the BT Web site. It contains guidelines for safer Internet use, including advice about keeping computers in a communal room and sharing the Internet surfing experience.

The launch of the code also coincides with Barnardo's Just One Click campaign. This is the first UK conference dedicated to the needs of child victims of abuse via the Internet and mobile phones.