Apple has published an interesting interview with acclaimed digital musician BT.

The report looks at how BT used Macs to create his latest release, This Binary Universe. BT is attempting to combine sound and motion within the new work.

"Music is just applied mathematics," he says. "And so is visual art - it's all related. You're just dealing with colour instead of the audible spectrum."

BT's own website declares his aims: "To marry melody, harmony and memorable songwriting with the most bleeding-edge technology possible is my passion. These are the things that excite me."

His new release is a collection of seven surround-sound tracks and seven animated short movies that work together as an audiovisual experience.

The Apple report explains a little of what the musician is attempting to do, and how he was able to apply Apple technologies in order to help him achieve that.

"I think that there's a large demographic of people who are really interested in cutting-edge art and bleeding-edge electronic music," the musician declares.