PocketScience has licenced British Telecom (BT) to provide its PocketMail email service in the UK, it was revealed yesterday.

PocketMail allows email to be sent and received over any telephone worldwide via a handheld device.

BT's Internet and Multimedia Services Division is scheduled to launch the PocketMail service in the UK in the first quarter of next year. The division will have exclusive rights to market and sell the service in the UK, PocketScience said in a release issued yesterday.

To use PocketMail, the user types a message, dials an access number, holds the device against the telephone handset and presses a button on the device to send and receive email. The service will support both mobile phone handsets and fixed line telephones.

The service will be incorporated with BT's talk 21 email system and users will be able to also consolidate it with email from other ISPs (Internet service providers), the statement said. BT and PocketScience did not release pricing information for usage in the UK

The agreement with BT is the American firm, PocketScience's second overseas venture, the company said. PocketMail Australia is scheduled to launch in November, and the company said it is currently in discussions with prospective partners in several other countries.