BT has announced the details of its mass-market broadband Internet service.

The service, called BTopenworld, will launch in July this year. It is aimed at consumers, small businesses and teleworkers.

The consumer service costs £39.99 per month (including VAT) with the installation fee of £150 waived if ordered before June 30. The single business user price is £39.99 (excluding VAT) and includes access to a business portal and "enhanced" customer support.

Multi-user business pricing is £99.99 per month (excluding VAT) with a £260 installation fee.

BTopenworld will roll out Phase One of the ADSL-based service in the summer, offering 512Kbps (256Kbps upstream) USB Internet access to a consumer portal. Business users will be offered 512Kbps single user (USB) and multi-user (Ethernet) access to a small-business portal.

Phase Two will take place in the autumn and will offer higher speed access (1 or 2Mbps ethernet), a LAN (local area network) for Business users, and a teleworker product.

Finally, Phase Three in December will add a PersonalWorld portal for all users, and interactive e-commerce applications and TV-based services.

At first the service will only be offered in selected areas, which are listed on BTopenworld's Web site.