BT has announced plans to test new ADSL technologies that can bring broadband to homes located further away from enabled exchanges than is currently supported.

BT Wholesale intends to launch its longer-reach broadband services later this year, following 1,000 tests in Milton Keynes.

Researchers at BT's Adastral Park have found a way to deliver 500K ADSL services at distances beyond the current 6km line length. Trials will begin June 1 in Milton Keynes, though the test will also include areas to test broadband service performance on lines of up to 10km line length and beyond.

Milton Keynes was chosen for the trial involving up to 1,000 people as approximately 18 per cent of people are out of reach of today's ADSL implementation. BT hopes to extend the trial to include a remote rural area, in a bid to ensure rural business remains competitive in the digital age.

BT explains: "More than 96 per cent of homes and businesses connected to broadband-enabled exchanges are within range of ADSL services and BT believes the trial could establish the way to increase this to more than 99 per cent."

BT chief broadband officer Alison Ritchie said: "By extending reach we will bring service to many of those in the frustrating situation where their exchange is upgraded for broadband, their neighbours down the road have broadband, but they can't get it."

People in the 01908 code Milton Keynes area who are interested in being involved in the trial should register with the Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group, which is working with BT to test the new technology.

Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group action group coordinator Nick Hubbard said: "We have hundreds of people desperate to get broadband who will be very eager to take part in the trial. We're very happy to be involved in this project, which will not only solve some of the issues locally but for people with similar frustrations right across the country."