BT has announced a range of cutting-edge products and services that it says will "transform the use of broadband in the UK".

The telecom company is introducing Flexible Bandwidth, BT Rich Media, BT Communicator and BT Remote Management System.

Flexible bandwidth will be introduced initially as a trial. It allows customers to boost the power of their broadband – so customers momentarily requiring extra bandwidth can be accommodated.

The new remote-management system allows BT to provide advice and support to customers as they increase their use of broadband by connecting it to a range of devices in the home.

BT Communicator will fundamentally transform the way in which people communicate through its multi-media capability, and BT Rich Media will allow content suppliers, large and small, to package and deliver digital services, like music, games and video, to a mass market.

BT predicts the new services, which will form the backbone of BT Retail's broadband strategy, will cement its key position as the broadband battle moves on from access to content, applications and managed services. The developments will also help BT Group achieve its target of five million connections by 2006, claims the company.

BT Retail chief executive Pierre Danon said: "We have shown innovation and drive in enabling almost universal access to broadband in the UK. Now we aim to push forward with the next crucial phase - giving people solid reasons to buy broadband by using the technology to transform their lives and the way they communicate."

"These new products and services provide broadband that is flexible and powerful enough to meet the customer's every need. They demonstrate clearly that there is far more to broadband than speed, as there has to be if we are to realise mass-adoption far beyond the current two million mark. Not only are they hugely exciting, these developments are real and ready for roll-out, pushing back the frontiers of technology today."

"This is the second stage of the broadband revolution in the UK and we aim to drive it forward. Today's announcement underlines our determination to continue innovating to ensure broadband develops a must-have appeal for millions more households throughout the UK."

Earlier this month, BT announced its first sub-£20 broadband product.