BT is launching Mac drivers for its USB ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) consumer service two weeks early, after testing revealed no problems.

The company's network-services subsidiary, BT Ignite, has approved the drivers, bringing the release date forward from 1 March to 19 February. On this day, BT Ignite will post the drivers on BT's Openworld Web site.

Head of product marketing at BT Openworld, Chris Simmons, said: "The help desk has no problems to report, so the drivers will be released on Monday."

BT's USB ADSL consumer service has speeds of up to 500K to the Macintosh and 250K from it. The service will cost £39.99 per month for home users.

BT's delivery of the service to the Mac community comes five months after it became available to PC users.