Bungie has released Chimera, a single-player expansion pack for Myth II,
featuring five new levels - The Banded Wasps, Chimera Revealed, Death From Above, Stinking Dead and the Grip of Death.

Chimera is a story of three heroes and their confrontation with a vengeful sorceress, and the evil she has raised. It features new units, characters and maps.

Also available from Bungie is Myth: The Total Codex - which features both Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter as well as Chimera and official strategy guides for Myth and Myth II. Total Codex also includes a collection of officially endorsed plug-ins and third party created multiplayer levels.

Chimera ships in the US from November 15, and costs $19.99. It can be purchased from the Bungie Web site, and is 756KB download.