Business users and owners store personal multimedia content on their work computers, just like many of their employees, new In-Stat research claims.

The report also suggests that Apple's move to attract Windows switchers has a good chance of achieving results: "Overall, it is important to remember that businesses act differently in their consumption of computing devices. For example, 23 per cent of respondents continue to use legacy operating systems (Windows 2000 and older), which has important implications for the looming introduction of Vista," said Michael Inouye, In-Stat analyst. "It is equally important to note the business users do not always limit their usage of business computers to 'business content'."

The researchers found that 35 per cent of high-level business people surveyed store songs on their business PCs. It also found that IT/tech support personnel were more likely to store audio, video and images on their work computers than other workers. They also have significantly larger hard-drive capacities on average.