Apple's vice president of design, Brit-born Jonathan Ive, is the focus of a Business Week picture report.

Published last night, the report offers a slide show of many of Ive's award-winning creations at Apple, calling him "the designer central to Apple's recovery in the '90s".

The report describes Ive as the "keeper" of Apple's talented group of designers, which it declares have "resisted advances from recruiters for years".

It also explains that the talented group don't just sketch pretty pictures of what products could look like, but also work closely with the engineering and marketing departments, as well as the manufacturers who actually churn the products out.

"They're leading innovators in the use of new materials and pioneering production processes," the report explains.

The slideshow offers annotated comment for each of the fifteen products included within it.

"Those that think (Apple) is done blazing new trails in tech design will almost assuredly be proven wrong," the report concludes in its description of the last product illustrated in the list, the iPod HiFi.