Caere announced yesterday a new family of ImageAXS media asset management software.

The line-up includes new and updated versions of ImageAXS, ImageAXS Professional and ImageAXS Authoring Kit. The products are designed to organize digital files, whether photos, MP3s, videos or graphics.

Caere, which bought the ImageAXS product line from Digital Arts & Sciences in the autumn of last year, hopes to cover both the consumer and professional markets with the product line.

The consumer version, ImageAXS 4.1, is aimed at the digital camera and Internet enthusiast, allowing the user to create a visual multimedia catalogue, add hundreds of keywords, and customize seven data fields that can be used to search and sort. It supports 48 file formats, and has file sharing capabilities.

ImageAXS Professional has more database search fields and more sophisticated presentation features – for example, users can create an unlimited number of portfolios or slideshows, or an e-Zcard (an electronic "mini-album"). The software can also convert files into Web pages using an HTML Export Wizard.

Finally, ImageAXS CD Authoring Kit creates searchable ImageAXS CD collections and publishes them on CDs. The Authoring Kit ships with ImageAXS 4.1.

A 30-day trial is available for download from Caere’s Web site.