CallNet0800 (see "Free access for UK Net users, ") has reopened registration to its service. The company offers UK Internet users totally free Internet access - with no metered phone charges.

The service is offered as part of an integrated Internet-access and home-telephone package. The company says that users of its non-data telephone services enjoy 30 per cent savings against BT rates on all calls, including international and mobile calls. Internet access via the company is completely free.

The company initially launched last November, quickly acquiring 100,000 subscribers. It has since closed registration for its service in order to build a stronger infrastructure to cope with the expected demand.

Priority is given to those who register for the service online at any of the Web site's of the three companies (CallNet, Phones4u and Haymarket publications) involved in the initiative. You can also register over the phone by calling 0906 9444040.

Paul Goodman-Simpson, CEO of CallNet, said: "As we promised we are now reopening registration. We have the capacity to add-on the many hundreds of thousands of people who now want to enjoy totally free Internet access."