Apple's recent launch of iTunes Music Store in Canada is likely to meet a warm reception, as many Canadian teenagers download music almost as often as they use email.

A study by Ipsos-Reid reveals that 29 per cent of teenagers between 12-17 download music at least a few times a week, and 53 per cent do so a few times each month.

Apple's assessment that it competes with peer-to-peer services is true, at least in Canada, where just 20 per cent of those downloaded tracks are legitimate. The country does enjoy liberal file trading laws - doing so is legal for personal use, according to its High Court.

Ipsos vice president Chris Ferneyhough told Digital Music News: "Our research with Canadian adults indicates that many have decreased their music downloading activities. However, it looks like teenagers are picking up the slack. These teens have come of age during the peer-to-peer phenomenon so convincing them not to download free music is likely going to be a difficult task for the recording industry".