Canada's Apple resellers are concerned about what the future holds as Apple readies its first Canadian Apple Store for its opening this Saturday.

Toronto's ClickOn Mac Solutions owner Nick Siriopoulos told Globe Technology: "It is very possible for some resellers who have put a lot of money [into inventory] and overextended themselves... that some businesses may go out in the next year or so."

Siriopoulos predicts his sales could fall almost 10 per cent when Apple opens its store at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

He hopes to see some benefit from the new Apple Store however. Siriopoulos expects an increased interest in Apple products, enabling him to benefit from additional servicing and the sale of peripherals to new customers.

Computer Systems Centre's James Carpenter said: "It makes the competition a bit bigger." He also expects to lose some business on smaller purchases, such as iMacs and iPods, but is certain that customers looking to buy bigger items will still shop at his store.

"Where we can't compete is providing free seminars and advice to the public," he admits.