The Cannes Film Festival (10-21 May, 2000) is to stream its trailers and news with a combination of Akamai’s servers, Apple’s QuickTime technology and Apple's QuickTime media partner, Canal Plus.

The move confirms the trend predicted in April by Adobe chairman and CEO John Warnock, who, at the National Association of Broadcasters show, stressed the Internet's importance to broadcast and film.

The Cannes site offers exclusive interviews, movie clips and news reports direct from the event. An announcement on Apple France’s Web site also states that Akamai’s servers have been chosen - along with Final Cut Pro, iMovie and QuickTime - as the preferred multimedia authoring tools for the Cannes site.

Akamai revealed its plans to Macworld last month. It also told us of its experiments with satellite-based Internet-content distribution technology that allows anyone to film an event digitally, edit it on a PowerBook, encode it into QuickTime and upload it via satellite, direct to Akamai’s worldwide collection of servers.