Canon has revealed its plans to implement Mac OS X support in its printers and scanners.

Zac Butcher, a company spokesman, told Macworld: "Canon is committed to providing OS X support for its Bubble Jet printer products. However, the current printer drivers are not compatible.

"As completely new drivers are required, the number of models supported initially will be limited. At launch, Canon are targeting the support of S400, S450, S600 and S800, and plan to introduce support for additional models after the initial release of OS X."

Xcluded scanners Scanner drivers are proving a trickier problem. Butcher said: "Current scanner drivers are not compatible with OS X. However, the initial release of OS X does not support scanning features, and therefore Canon plans to address this issue in the future."

As released, Mac OS X does contain support for some Canon Bubble Jet printers, and Canon aims to enhance feature support and to release drivers for other products in its range. The company would not say whether new drivers would be made available for download.

Butcher said: "Our intention is to expand the number of products supported, with the only question being over the distribution of drivers."