Canon has added the EOS-1D, as well as the PowerShot S40 and S30 to its digital-camera range.

The 4.15-megapixel EOS-1D is Canon'sflagship digital camera, and can shoot eight frames per second, offers FireWire connectivity and is compatible with Canon’s range of EF lenses. It also includes ten white-balance modes. The EOS-1D costs £5,550 and will be available from the beginning of December.

The PowerShot S40 and S30 offer are four-megapixel and three-megapixel model respectively. Both offer a 3x optical-zoom lens. The S40 has a 3.6x digital zoom, while the S30 offers 3.2x. Both offer full manual and automatic SLR-type controls.

The PowerShot S30 costs £549 and the S40 is £649.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.