Canon has expanded its digital camera range with two new cameras – the Digital IXUS 330, and the Digital IXUS v2.

The Digital IXUS 330 (pictured) has a two-megapixel CCD, a 3x optical zoom lens, and is encased in a steel and aluminium body. Other features include a manual focusing mode allowing either 3-point AiAF (Artificial Intelligence Auto Focus) or single point focusing, depending upon the subject. Photo Effects mode offers a choice of five preset effects including vivid colour, neutral colour, sepia, low sharpening, and classic black-&-white.

Movie clips of up to 30 seconds can be captured with full sound, and played back on the built-in LCD monitor and speaker. The camera can also be connected to a TV, allowing movies and photos to be shared.

Intelligent focus The Digital IXUS 330 also features an orientation sensor that detects and obtains optimum focus, exposure and white balance by sensing the camera’s orientation and uppermost edge of the image. The image is automatically rotated after shooting, ready for viewing on an LCD monitor, or for downloading to a Mac.

The 330 can also be connected to Canon’s Direct Print printers, the new Card Photo Printer CP-100 and the Canon Bubble Jet S820D. Costing £382 plus VAT, the camera ships with Arcsoft Camera Suite photo and video manipulation and printing software.

Canon has also launched the lower-priced Digital IXUS v2. This shares all the Digital IXUS 330 features, but has a 2x optical zoom lens. This model can’t be connected to a television and doesn’t feature Photo Effects. Like the 330, the v2 can connect to Canon’s innovative Direct Print printers. The Digital IXUS v2 is available for £340 plus VAT.