Canon continues its autumn product roll-out, introducing the 11.1-million pixel professional digital camera, the EOS-1Ds.

The device features a full frame 35mm CMOS sensor with 11.1-million effective pixels for image capture. It "almost doubles the image resolution provided by digital SLR cameras today", Canon claims.

The camera makes little noise in use, and has been developed for low power consumption, Canon claims. It can capture images at approximately three frames per second for a ten-frame burst, even at the highest-quality setting.

"The world's professional photographers will see that the arrival of the EOS-1Ds means that digital output now rivals the quality produced by 35mm film," said Mark Robinson, marketing manager, Canon consumer imaging.

Because of the 35mm size of the image sensor, photographers can use wide-angle lenses without focal length magnification – this has been an obstacle to digital-image capture in the past.

Other features include 45-point autofocus, 21-zone light metering and an image enlargement function that allows 25 sections of an image to be enlarged on the camera's built-in LCD screen. Colour temperature is adjustable, and the unit offers multiple white-balance modes, adjustable aperture and shutter speeds. A variety of other cutting-edge features have also been introduced.

The camera is one of the first such units to exploit the Apple-developed FireWire standard for image transfer. It accommodates Compact Flash cards up to 2GB in size. Battery life has also been improved. Canon claim the unit can capture up to 600 exposures on one charge (in test conditions).

Mac and Windows compatible software is included with the weather-resistant, magnesium alloy camera. The EOS-1Ds is compatible with over 60 Canon lenses.

Available in November, the EOS-1Ds costs £6,999.