Canto has updated Cumulus to version 5.0.9.

Cumulus is designed for archiving and managing a wide variety of media assets - including presentations, text, images, video and audio. The solution has search facilities, customizing options and Internet access features.

The update adds support for the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) metadata standard, which is used by digital-camera vendors, including Nikon. The update also includes a number of new filters which offer improved support for Adobe PDF, InDesign and Illustrator files.

EXIF is a metadata standard that stores information. Cumulus can now read all types of metadata information that can be included in an EXIF file, including copyright information.

Canto CEO Jennifer Neumann said: "Reading all customer-relevant metadata that comes with an asset is one of the essential tasks an asset-management system needs to offer.

"Whenever there's a value for a large share of our customers with a specific set of metadata, we will make that a standard functionality of our Cumulus Editions."

The single user version of Cumulus costs £99. The full server and client version starts at £2,470.